Harnessing EQ to Influence & Manage Conflict

You can’t influence other people’s emotions if you can’t manage your own. In this class, you will learn to do both. First, you will discover the power of emotions in influencing human behavior and the decision making process; from the brands you buy to the person you vote for. Next, you will explore what triggers you, and discover a four-step strategy to regulating your emotions in order to respond rather than react to emotionally charged situations and events. Finally, you will learn how to give and receive constructive feedback and disagree with others without being disagreeable.

• Gain practical tools to better regulate your emotions and manage conflict.
• Discover a four-step strategy to de-escalate conflict when triggered. 
• Learn how to create an environment of “psychological safety,” and how to communicate criticism and feedback in a way that it is effective and doesn’t burn bridges.





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I am a Certified Life Coach with a holistic approach that brings clarity, direction, and positive support for my clients. I help you live your best life, by filling the gap between where you are now, and where you want to be. By identifying where growth is desired, setting goals and objectives, and holding accountability, you will reach your highest goals and dreams.
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